Finalization of Michelle Target Using Room EQ Wizard (REW)

Feb 2, 2023

As I said before, my target was previously based on Harman, but adjusted to almost match diffuse-field curve peak. This might causes harshness out from 8 kHz and above, resulting in a sibilant madness. Due to personal taste evolving I decided to change it.

I found out about Room EQ Wizard (REW), a program that allows you to do measurements introduced to me by a friend on the IEF Discord server by the name of “Listener”. I get to understand how the program works and quickly worked the GRAS DFHRTF into the final target curve. Here’s the final target

Link to target: (Michelle Target.txt) (Entire project folder)

New target, redone with KEMAR’s DFHRTF using Room EQ Wizard.

In this case, my target is converted closer to the diffuse-field HRTF of GRAS 43AG and 45CA setup and with a more recessed bass compared to the previous one. Due to the tilting applied to the DFHRTF, a pretty big dip in the midbass region is introduced. I applied a small peak filter with small Q to raise it a little bit more to match Harman’s bass tilt. This brought it closer to harman’s sub bass, but with more excitement and still not as much as the previous target, letting users of my target to dial in their preferences.

Michelle S. H.

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